Missed your midterms and flunked shampoo

I quit library school.

Between everything on my plate, schoolwork was the least inspiring. Decided to take it as a sign that my heart wasn’t really in it. Which is a bit sad, as I still like the idea of working in a school or public library, but doctoredjnr tells me I could in theory still work as a lowbie librarian without formal qualifications.

I felt so free as soon as I submitted my unenrollment; now I get to pick something else to do! I’m filled with renewed vigor and courage to pursue things I’m interested in. As I type this, I’m watching one of the free Yale lectures on game theory. I’m not sure why I never followed this before; I think I’m intimidated by smart people stuff, always saving it for ‘one day’. But I don’t care today. I want to know the five basic lessons of game theory and I once again haveĀ a spare hour to enjoy this. :)