Shit I look at every day

Every weekday, I mean. Pictured above is an adcard that came with an internet t-shirt order. Behind is my white Tiger Balm; excellent huffing to treat sinus headache. To the right is a PMH branded antenna hugger bear. Not sure why I have it, I’m pretty sure it’s not mine, but I’d hate to think I’ve sunk so low as to steal someone’s charity bear. I might dump it in Dave‘s drawers before he moves desk. He’ll be none the wiser.

That gooey blue thing in the background is blu-tac, holding down my USB extension cable, into which my phone recharge cable is plugged. Exciting stuff, huh?

Snowman is a little globe that my colleague Betty gave me for Christmas. I’m not usually into this type of bauble, but it’s so kitch and it was so sweet of her, I can’t help but like it. That ‘Yes’ octopus sticker in the foreground is from a packet of shimmering underwater stickers I bought from a two-dollar shop. I think I still have some in my cabinet.

And of course, what short-sighted cube farm soldier could survive without Refresh Tears Plus. :)

On the left is a Kikki.K notepad and pen, Christmas present from 2 years ago from Jess, who’s now a freelancer and doesn’t have to wake up early or wear pants for work. I wonder what that’s like, working for yourself. I’ve freelanced before, but never as my sole means of survival – would you be more ‘into’ it if it were your livelihood? You’d certainly make more time to do it.

I’ve often daydreamed about owning a cafĂ©. If it were in a business district, I’d still get a bit of a weekend until they bring in extended trading. Perhaps instead of chairs and tables, we’d maintain a lawn with blankets and standing food trays. A lovely dream; maybe one day when I’ve had enough of what I’m doing now.

That tall bottle is lavender moisturiser. It smells good. In front of that, a glass paperweight, souvenir from my friend David’s holiday in New Zealand. The green thingy inside is a plant of some sort. I like looking at it, makes me think of forests and jungles.

From right to left: Fish oil tablets. A giant bottle of water because I get thirsty at sport. A snack bowl that holds the perfect serve of museli. I haven’t eaten breakfast in the last couple of weeks. No appetite lately, it’s been cold.

Soursop green tea is delicious. It has a very distinct flavour, though. Not your generic, drink-all-the-time sipping tea. In the plastic bag behind it is a tub of green & red chilli puree, made by my sister’s friend’s mum. It is quite delicious. Not too hot, but has a very distinct flavour that hangs around awhile. Lovely.

In the background is a certificate of participation from my place of employment. I have serviced this company for 5 loyal years now, and counting.

That’s my desk. Show me yours! (@sandysandy on twitter)