Good morning, I’m almost on holiday!


Dora is surly because I gave her a big human-smelling hug. Whatever. She’ll miss me when I’m gone.

It’s been cold in Perth, so I’m nervous about New Zealand. 7°, says the forecast. I have the day off work to prepare for snow – just one jacket, shoes and payday away from feeling comfortable and ready. But oh – bed is so warm and peaceful, aside from Niaal’s loud-ass typing next door. This will be his first time seeing snow. I’m excited for him.

It’s good to have some firsts in adult life. I’d like this trip to be my first time snowboarding and first time eating a hangi. Maybe first time making a snowman of notable size. My first snowman was only 8″ tall and built over a cowpat. :|

I’ll be sending moblog pics to bitty again, though maybe I should call it ‘butty’ for the week…