Winter is coming

Winter is coming. I know this because I have a chesty cough&cold and we’ve had awesome rain. To celebrate, I’m sharing eight (8) awesome things that are awesome for awesome winter.

ONE: Furry blankets

This is a furry blanket. It is nice. It is nice to have the windows and doors open and be up to your neck in furry blanket. Forget how tacky faux fur can be. Winter makes it cool. And anyway, you’re by yourself on the couch. No one needs to know.

TWO: Onesies

Despite its lack of bumflap, the 100% cotton American Apparel onesie makes for a cosy, breatheable garment, undergarment or overgarment on any wintery evening. No, I’ve not been paid to say this. I have one and I like it. Got it on sale for cheap, but full-price doesn’t seem that much to pay now that it looks like it lasts at least a couple of winters.

THREE: Warm warm lamb soup

Add a bit of beef stock and some hot chilli sauce (maybe Sriracha or ABC chilli) to a big pot of water; bring to boil. Add lamb, leave lamb to boil through. Add potato, celery, carrot, turnip and parsnip.

By the time the veggies are soft, you’ll still have a pretty big volume of water for the amount of solids, so throw in 3-4 handfuls of soup mix pasta; this will absorb some of the water and give you more tasty things to chew while you eat the soup.

Serve when pasta is cooked. The chilli makes you feel warm. :)

FOUR: Cats



FIVE: Downbeat, illbient, triphop, ambient, what what

Slow music for slow nights.

SIX: Fisherman’s Friend

From wiki: Fisherman’s Friend was originally developed by a young pharmacist named James Lofthouse in 1865 to relieve various respiratory problems suffered by fishermen working in the extreme conditions of the Icelandic deep-sea fishing grounds. The lozenges exist in their current form relatively unchanged since their creation.

I don’t know if this is true. The pack I bought today doesn’t have the ‘original’ ingredients on it, just the names of the sweeteners, flavouring and anti-caking agent. Where’s my menthol and capsicum tincture, you bastards?

Anyway, it made my chest not feel so chesty today. I bought fresh mint flavour. Apple & Cinnamon was my favourite when I was a kid, and I’ve just found out that there’s a mail order service for getting the more ‘exotic’ flavours. Which is awesome. Hm, must investigate.

SEVEN: Hot lemon tea

Is a natural healthy something for cold weather. Tea has antioxidants, lemon has vitamin C and if you add honey, you find yourself with a natural antibacterial. Is also delicious and easy to make.

EIGHT: Game of Thrones

Winter is coming. All the time coming. This is a good tv show. Better than your momma’s tv show, unless your momma is on this show. It’s an HBO epic fantasy drama based on the series ‘A Song of Ice & Fire’ by George R. R. Martin. I’ve not read the books, so I’ve been hesitant to join any conversation with people who have read them. My friends tell me the casting is perfect.

Awesome tv. I’m also in the middle of watching Rome, also by HBO. Really pleased at the quality of tv at the moment. First BSG, then Caprica, then Rome and now this. Yay for good tv!

Yay for winter!