Delicious food at Blackbird Restaurant

Wednesday night was special.

We finally got to try Blackbird Restaurant in East Perth. My partner is mates with the restauranteur and did the branding, and every time got to sample stuff from their menu tests when he went to talk shop. So all I’ve been hearing is how lovely Son (the proprietor) has made the place, how delicious the entrées are, how amazing their ‘flowerpot bread’ looked…

And I’m like, for fuck’s sake this is not fair.

You are looking at a little bowl of table snacks – olives in olive oil – and the salt and pepper. My camera’s not very good, so please excuse the graininess of the photos.

This is the cheese soufflé sans a couple of spoonfuls; got excited and forgot to take pictures first. I’m not sure what cheese soufflé is supposed to be like, but I’ll be comparing all future soufflés to this one – light in texture, mild in flavour. Very mild in flavour, which was strange at first, but tasted really good with the béchamel and parmesan shavings. The texture was divine. I could eat four.

Beef carpaccio, mostly gone – again, got excited. I love my meat raw and this was amazing. Even more amazing is – you see those little round balls in the picture? They look like peppercorns, but are far more exciting: FRIED CAPERS. OMG. Delicious. We picked the plate clean.

Mains were splendid too. Pictured above is the lamb cutlets on a bed of smashed potatoes. Hehe, smashed. Sorry again about the photo – my hands were shaky at this point cos I was heaps hungry.

This is the gnocchi, not at all like the supermarket gnocchi I’m used to. Each gnocchus was about four times the size of normal. I only had a tiny taste and can’t remember what the texture was like, but I remember overall it was pretty awesome. It doesn’t look like much when it first comes out, but from all accounts, it was the perfect size for a meal – Niaal could gnocch no more.

This was my dish, some fish to grant my dinner wish. I was a bit intimidated when it first came out; that crusty bit on top looked very cooked. I was pleasantly surprised, but don’t know how to describe it. It had a yummy flavour, so it couldn’t have been burnt, but it wasn’t crummy or battery so it couldn’t have been crumbs or batter. Maybe some kind of brushed-on encrustment? Very nice, anyway, and the fish itself was perfect; tender, moist, gentle flake.

The vanilla potato underneath was superb as well. It doesn’t taste overwhelmingly vanilla-ish. I couldn’t actually tell it was vanilla – it matched so well with the taste of potato. I think there was a tiny bit of pepper, and I want to say nutmeg too but I’m probably wrong about that. The fried anchovy really topped it off. I couldn’t bring myself to eat it with the fish – kept it to the side of my plate as an I’ve-finished treat.

The truffles. I don’t understand how something so creamy can still be so light. At the risk of sounding pretentious, it was like the Chocolate God of Birds swooped into my mouth then glided away. Not sure what that topping was – I think some crushed honeyed nut – maybe walnut or almond? I could see this being the afternoon snack thing if I ever worked in East Perth.

So cute – our coffee came out with teenie-tiny teaspoons. Pictured is a teenie-tiny teaspoonful of brown sugar held over a shot glass. Very sweet. Son told us how when the place opened, they had about 100 spoons all randomly purchased from assorted antique shops. Now only 7 remain cos people have been nicking them.

It’s really cosy and the menu changes every couple of months and it sounds like the team there are really keen on the delicious food/comfortable place thing. The other patrons there looked like they knew about fine dining, but there’s no air of snobbery or pretentiousness. They’ve got really good taste in sit-around music too. It was just… nice.

A++ would eat there again. Please don’t steal the spoons.

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