My bucket runneth over


Went for dim sum with my folks today. We intended to come right home and get stuff done, but we popped to an azn grocery store and junk shop for some leisurely browsing. I’m really glad we did cos I finally found a stick pail!


I’ve been looking for one of these for so long; I never realised it was an Asian thing til I couldn’t find one in Bunnings or Coles. It has a name, but it’s been so long, I don’t even remember what it is. But for everyone else, it’s a bucket with a handle on it – a stick handle attached to one side instead of a curved handle attached to two. In the picture above, Mum is wearing it as a hat while she cuts some kueh seri muka for us to take home.

The stick pail is great for carrying stuff when you can’t or don’t want to support the weight from above or below. Back home, this type of pail gets used on days when the only source of bathroom water comes from a big container to be shared by everyone. By holding a long handle (instead of the vessel body, like you’d have to do with a curved-handle bucket), your hands don’t touch the water in the reserve container, thereby avoiding contamination. Stick pail is also handy for bathing – you’ll see longer-handled ones in Japanese baths. The handle makes it easier to tip water on yourself for rinsing.

I found it in a grocer, so I suspect it’s a kitchen pail – big vessel for washing veggies or prawns, short handle cos the load is bigger. Bathroom or garden ones would have a smaller vessel and longer handle for the convenience of reach. Knowing this is hard to find here makes me like it even more. :)


Fell asleep as soon as we got home. Which is fine in the grand packing scheme of things cos we ran out of boxes. Need to get more tomorrow. Because I was so well rested, I decided to try something new for dinner. Pictured is elbow pasta with Stilton blue cheese dressing, raw snowpea & mushroom, and peri chilli chicken tenderloin:

Brush peri marinade (or sauce, whatever you have available) and chilli powder/seeds/flakes onto tenderloins, bake in oven on 180°C for 20 mins. Put half a dinner bowl of pasta on boil (pasta doubles in size after cooking) – this should serve 2 people, as the veg and chicken fill up the rest of the space in the bowl.

Warm up olive oil in a saucepan. Add at least half a wedge of Stilton – we coulda gone more, but we wanted the rest for midnight snacks. Break up the cheese as it softens. When it starts to melt, add full cream milk. I don’t know how much – between half- and full-cup. I prefer full fat cos it’s a thin sauce, and it would be crap making it more watery by using low fat or hilo. Plus it’s winter here and I need all my calories. Throw in a dash of onion powder and a pinch of nutmeg, and about a teaspoon of parmesan for extra aroma and saltiness. This dressing should smell like delicious feet (as opposed to disgusting feet). Stir lots do it doesn’t burn.

While that’s cooking, chop some snowpeas (with pods) and mushrooms. The ratio of this meal should be half pasta, 1/4 veggies, 1/4 chicken. I dunno if that’s a good healthy balance; I guess it really should be more veggies? And less pasta per veg amount. This split is just easy for us and we have an active lifestyle to make up for all the carb eating.

Put pasta in bowl, spoon some dressing over pasta and stir. Leave a bit of dressing for the end. Add veggies and mix it up. Slice the cooked tenderloins and lay them on top. Cover with remaining dressing. This bit is master chef wank, actually. Serve it anyhow you like. :)

It’s 3am now and I’m exhausted. #blogjune is finally over. Thank you for reading the things I’ve had to say. Hope it’s not all been too dull. :) Good night!