Three sleeps


Today feels like a very long time ago. Fridays can be funny in that the start of the weekend is supposed to be energising, but you sometimes feel exhausted for the week gone. I can’t remember much at all now from the last few days, it’s 2am and I’m very sleepy.

Going for dim sum in the morning. I have a massive craving for the steamed bean curd roll, and hope they serve jellyfish salad at the place we’re going. After foods, it’s time to sort out remaining house particulars. We’re moving Monday night now after all. Throws my perfect schedule out of whack, but I can deal with it. It is nice to have an extra day to dismantle furniture.

I’m very much looking forward to planning my new garden, starting a square foot raised bed, maybe opening a Little Free Library, making a spot next to my keyboard for a sleeping cat, and playing in a bigger kitchen. :)

But first, sleep. One day left of #blogjune. Thanks, all for being supportive of my writing. Actually having to write like this everyday has helped me in areas beyond blogging: I feel more confident in general because I’m producing something. Next step is to learn quality control. ;)

Maybe #onlysayimportantthingsjuly for the next event.