Mundane things about my day


I’m sort of at a loss for what to write about tonight. I have a list of prompts, but with just 2 days left in this blogging event, I feel I should be more opportunistic and say something profound. But I’m not a profound person, just overthinky like lots of other people, and technically capable of using CMSs and social media to make it seem like what I’m saying is worth reading. I’m also stubborn, so to spite this ridiculous arrogant urge to be amazing, I will just tell you mundane things about my day.

When I went to pick up coffee this morning, I saw 3 bits of dried leaf that had been blown together in the shape of a cock and balls. I was four paces away before realising what I’d seen, and thought it would be too weird to go back and take a photo. I wish I had taken one anyway. :(

At lunch, I went to Good Sammy and found a white knitted scarf WITH SLEEVES. What the hell, right? You wear it around your neck and put your hands through the holes with jumper cuffs. It’s lovely warm. Only $2. I love op shops!

Went for a massage. The appointment was for half an hour, but I’m pretty sure they extended it to an hour because the phone kept ringing. I hardly noticed the interruptions – it was just nice to not be sitting upright with hand on mouse for awhile. My shoulder has been not great of late. Young nerds beware – your strong back muscles won’t stay strong forever. Exercise often to avoid stupid computer-related pains.

Scored a goal tonight, and it wasn’t a total fluke for once! :D Eeee, but I can’t believe it actually went in. Before I got the pass, my brain went, “It’ll probably come in at this angle; kick it XYZ way,” and it did so I did and then it was done and and and AMG!! This pretty much never happens, and probably won’t happen again, so I’m stoked it happened tonight.

And that’s my day. Finished up the evening with a brief Gnomoria session, got angry at the tv for an episode of Mad Men, and am now warm in bed.

Night, everyone!