Sitting in cars with cats


We had another home inspection this afternoon. It was less frantic this time cos the place is still clean from last week. The cats didn’t seem to mind sitting in the car now that they’ve done it once. This is Dora in the passenger side foot well. Not sure how the pic will turn out on a monitor, but the blacks are blacker than black on my Note. ;)

I packed a bit tonight, have rationed my wardrobe for the rest of this week and put away the rest. There’s still so much to do and I’m having to fight the temptation to reminisce over every other thing that gets picked up. Even something as simple as throwing away an ugly old bed shirt I don’t even like anymore… at the very least, I think about it and keep looking over at it in the discard pile. This is supposed to be easy with stuff you don’t like, but it reminds me of the person I was who bought that shirt in the first place.

It’s been quite a day for nostalgia. I read Nichole‘s latest zine, on demons and delusions. It reminded me of my own ‘demons’ I would have had around the same age. Only, I didn’t think of my creative head-voices as demons because I was more into angelology back then. Haha, I know right, so 90′s!

Stories and lore aside, it was bittersweet to remember the psychological constructs and metaphors from my teenage years. My constructs of today are very different, but used for the same purpose – to make sense of the world and how I fit in it.

A colleague visited my desk in the afternoon, to ask if I was going to the reunion party for our old office. It would have been about 8 years ago that we were both there (but didn’t know each other then), and our passing chat was peppered with moments of quiet remembering. Not being able to go to the reunion is poetic. I have sport that day and don’t want to party tired – I NEVER played sport back when I worked at the old place, let alone let it be a reason to miss a party. Things are indeed different now.

I’ve cheated on my plan – did clothes tonight, not kitchen. Tomorrow will be kitchen, followed by a big spray and wipe of cupboards. Because its good to leave someone else’s place clean when you depart. Because at some point in the future, I’d like to remember the person I was at this place as being slightly more responsible than someone with bad taste in bed shirts. :)