This is my anime face


This is me with my anime face on, thanks to the hilarious power of LINE Camera – a purikura app for Android that I found out about from Xiaxue’s blog. It’s got heaps of effects, frames and stamps – I love it. Now I can be gyaru without actually having to be gyaru.

Gyaru is the Japanese fashion term for excessively made up, girly-glam style. While the term typically refers to Japan style, the look itself is common enough here in Australia – think of the super dolled-up girls you’d see in a nightclub (unless things have changed heaps since I last went clubbing).

Oh, how nice the girls look in photos. How lovely and novel the diamant├ęs and pretty colours on a fancy manicure. How glamorous the razor-layered hair. ^___^

Aaah, I really like it, but it’s not for me. The reality of wearing that much makeup, having hair that ‘perfect’, nails that delicate – it makes me quite nervous. I stopped (or never properly started; take your pick) wearing makeup because it would always be in the back of my mind. What if it smudges, what if something gets on my contact lens, what if it rubs off onto clean things…

“Maybe one day,” I would think, but one day, I’ll run out of ‘one days’ and it won’t matter. Not making it sound sad – it doesn’t matter. Purikura is good enough for me. :)